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" if you’re nice to white people and stop hating racism will end :)! "

" OMG hating is getting you nowhere!! you’re what’s keeping racism alive! "

" we’ll only have equality if we’re all nice to each other :)! "

Okay. But you say you hate how some whites treat you. Then don’t treat them back with disrespect saying bad things about them and blah blah blah. Like you are then just fighting fire with fire. And then the whole house will burn to the ground.

Good. Maybe if the whole damn house burns down we can build one that isn’t built on a foundation of racism.

The whole damn house was built on the systematic inequality against people of color. BURN THAT SHIT TO THE GROUND AND SALT THE EARTH AROUND IT




You can talk all the shit about Beyoncé that you want, but when I’m feeling low and unattractive and fat and shit, I  can put on Beyoncé and begin to feel fucking BEAUTIFUL


There is a Beyonce song for every occasion.

^^ literally every mood.