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the ultimate goal for any true lover of moraccan hash is to get to the moutain village of ketama. HIGH TIMES……. imma make love to hash??? nice

“these useless details,” Peter used to say, “they’re only useless until you connect them all together”   ._______. okay

“you work in the marketing department of a soft-drink company and are experimenting with a new can for iced tea that is slightly narrower and taller than a standard can” - pre cal book

“well, we’ll,” I said, “perhaps you have- still I don’t see them”; an I handed him the paper without additional remark, not wishing to ruffle his temper; but I was much surprised at the turn affairs had taken; his ill humor puzzled me….. Lol oh Edgar Allen Poe!

"So… this must be her daughter." (Gunnerkrigg Court Volume One: Orientation)

I don’t want this sex life. Take it back.

Thursday, May 10th, 2012
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    When you randomly come across posts from way back when, and the pictures have been removed… trying to figure out the...
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    “Here it is at last!” Fucking finally!!! xD
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    ‘Weaponless and surprised, the man turned to run, but the mammoth now had a new target: the door to the rest of the...
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    "All I can eat is liquids." - Invisible Monsters, Chuck Palahniuk
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    “The second archaeological clue is also concerned with bones.” – The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English, Geza Vermes
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    "You a liar" xD
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    “He’d have sleek silver skin and a smile curved permanently on his mouth.” It’s talking about a guy to become a dolphin…
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    ‘she was alone, pacing slowly, talking under her breath, pointing and directing marks to an invisible audience in the...
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    "The boys were playing at the most dreadful and adult of games, at war and moreover of a sort that you were hanged or...
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    “I should head home actually,” I said.
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    They pool in the centre of my chest and seep out from there, diluted and faint, but real.
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    "leaves with a rounded, closed experience - nothing in doubt, nothing unsated"
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    "They did not sing or tell stories that day, even though the weather improved; nor the next day, nor the day after."
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    “Usually it was like a spillage - cold and heavy, slippery and gray - but once in a while some stars had the nerve to...
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    “So well intended, and yet so insulting”
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    with a surge of anger, he bounded after his friend… in the story i’m reading, his friend is also a he. aaaaand they’re...
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    “I had no plan.” -The Things They Carried, Tim O’ Brien
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    He paused beside a pillar, before the tomb of a long-dead Stark. “I loved that old man.” (Game of Thrones)
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    Students may assert that the colonists increasingly believed the Parliament overstepped its legitimate authority. (My...
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    ぼろ負けするboromake suru be massacred, get a licking Welp…
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    Parce que je les ai vu la nuit passée. (Because I saw them last night) Lawl, I’m into voyeurism.
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    Disease played a very large role in his quest.
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    Eventually, the Spanish were forced to leave tecnochtitlan.