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Gaming Personality of the Year



Middle fingers to the ignorant everywhere, let’s vote for Anita as Personality of the Year & let the world know that we’re actually more evolved than a few loudmouthed GamerGate assholes!

This Canadian-American feminist and media critic is best known for her Tropes vs Women In Video Games series of YouTube videos, in which she examines gender discrimination in gaming. Despite being subjected to torrents of abuse from the petty and weaker side of the internet, Sarkeesian continues to regularly release new entries in her challenging and thought-provoking series, forcing the industry to rethink the way women are treated and represented in gaming.


LA County is considering making homelessness a parole violation and if that isn’t the most fucked up clear proof that the prison system is about getting poor, “unsavory” people out of sight out of mind then I don’t know what is.


black solidarity is powerful. ferguson is going to go down in history because a community of black heroes have decided that they refuse to be afraid.